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04-Jan-2023 (Wednesday) at 18:10:15 EST by inkoalawetrust
Commit 458142eb8
Parents: 6f4a29b5e

Added flags to SetPlayerProperty.

Added all of the missing player cheats to the SetPlayerProperty special.

04-Jan-2023 (Wednesday) at 20:27:48 EST by inkoalawetrust
Commit 6f4a29b5e
Parents: aed72f58f

Added APROP_WaterDepth.

25-Dec-2022 (Sunday) at 17:14:57 EST by Major Cooke
Commit aed72f58f
Parents: 9468ff85a

Converted A_Quake(Ex) intensity parameters from ints to doubles.

14-Jan-2023 (Saturday) at 08:58:55 EST by Ricardo Luís Vaz Silva
Commit 9468ff85a
Parents: 1ebd4f0d4

Add missing error for mapinfo tonemap

07-Dec-2022 (Wednesday) at 10:12:57 EST by Ricardo Luís Vaz Silva
Commit 1ebd4f0d4
Parents: 8e7897233

Add Tonemap support for Unclamped lighting mode

06-Dec-2022 (Tuesday) at 20:51:45 EST by Ricardo Luís Vaz Silva
Commit 8e7897233
Parents: aa061562c

Add Alternate Light Blending Options

14-Jan-2023 (Saturday) at 11:23:02 EST by Rachael Alexanderson
Commit aa061562c
Parents: bdffcedc0

  • manually reimplement pull request #1850

13-Jan-2023 (Friday) at 00:37:33 EST by mc776
Commit bdffcedc0
Parents: e0275df93

gldefs: update Freedoom definitions.

Armor was missing ARM2B0 light - reusing GREENARMOR2 since both of them have the blinky red thing.

Armor bonus shouldn't have "dontlightself" because it's not coming out from under an opaque helmet anymore.

Burning barrel has a yellow flame again.

Mega, invulnerability and blur spheres now match their respective colours.

Column is yellow now rather than green.

Tall tech lamp should be red, at least if you consider the light source to be the big red thing on top.

Blue keys now get their own definition instead of relying on the id blue health potion.

Serpentipede balls are less red before exploding and more red after.

Hatchlings have a distinct brighter glow when attacking.

30-Dec-2022 (Friday) at 22:02:23 EST by yqco
Commit e0275df93
Parents: 80d1c6171

CCMD listmaps: Colorize maps loaded from pwads in blue text

Colorize maps added from pwads differently so they stand out better

13-Jan-2023 (Friday) at 17:37:20 EST by Ricardo Luís Vaz Silva
Commit 80d1c6171
Parents: 7b2d54da3

Fix MapIterator::GetValue

13-Jan-2023 (Friday) at 02:51:29 EST by alexey.lysiuk
Commit 7b2d54da3
Parents: 3dce87462

  • updated zlib to 1.2.13

12-Jan-2023 (Thursday) at 11:16:42 EST by Boondorl
Commit 3dce87462
Parents: 955a84188

Exported bounce functions

12-Jan-2023 (Thursday) at 04:39:56 EST by CandiceJoy
Commit 955a84188
Parents: 81e7d77b4

Fixed a bug where static events would fail to halt propagation.

Signed-off-by: CandiceJoy

12-Jan-2023 (Thursday) at 08:03:19 EST by Marisa the Magician
Commit 81e7d77b4
Parents: f9de0d5c1

Fix diffuse-only material shaders not applying.

11-Jan-2023 (Wednesday) at 21:43:35 EST by Kevin Caccamo
Commit f9de0d5c1
Parents: cb3662dc2

Impel people to include demo mods in bug reports

Since small demo mods are the preferred way for GZDoom developers to reproduce bugs

11-Jan-2023 (Wednesday) at 13:33:02 EST by Rachael Alexanderson
Commit cb3662dc2
Parents: 769796800

  • fix nullptr crash

09-Jan-2023 (Monday) at 12:27:52 EST by Boondorl
Commit 769796800
Parents: af0f84183

Minor tweaks to no player clipping

09-Jan-2023 (Monday) at 12:02:41 EST by Rachael Alexanderson
Commit af0f84183
Parents: 5aba0c144

  • fix a few errors in last commit

09-Jan-2023 (Monday) at 11:53:24 EST by Rachael Alexanderson
Commit 5aba0c144
Parents: 9777cfd50

  • optimize P_ShouldPassThroughPlayer checks - move down in the check list, move thing->player check out of the function

08-Jan-2023 (Sunday) at 22:12:37 EST by Rachael Alexanderson
Commit 9777cfd50
Parents: 2fa253398

  • change P_ShouldPassThroughPlayer to static inline to improve performance on repeated calls

08-Jan-2023 (Sunday) at 09:55:10 EST by nashmuhandes
Commit 2fa253398
Parents: 3d6cc47dc

  • enable DM support for sv_noplayerclip
  • fixed voodoo dolls with sv_noplayerclip
  • fixed autoaim working incorrectly with sv_noplayerclip

08-Jan-2023 (Sunday) at 06:10:49 EST by nashmuhandes
Commit 3d6cc47dc
Parents: aceafecce

Add sv_noplayerclip to allow players to walk through and shoot each other (only in coop)

07-Jan-2023 (Saturday) at 13:12:19 EST by Christoph Oelckers
Commit aceafecce
Parents: 4c751db48

  • optimized sheet font texture generation.

Instead of reloading the base image over and over again, let's cache it so that less time is needed for each single character.

07-Jan-2023 (Saturday) at 12:35:30 EST by Christoph Oelckers
Commit 4c751db48
Parents: 1a0aa95ff

  • silence some warnings.

07-Jan-2023 (Saturday) at 11:55:55 EST by Christoph Oelckers
Commit 1a0aa95ff
Parents: 4e4642d0e

  • changed return value of CreatePalettedPixels.

The new struct will allpw return of static pixel data without reallocation and copying.

07-Jan-2023 (Saturday) at 10:15:32 EST by Christoph Oelckers
Commit 4e4642d0e
Parents: 0e5c6e37b

  • fixed buffer size checks for raw textures.

04-Jan-2023 (Wednesday) at 05:56:15 EST by Marisa the Magician
Commit 0e5c6e37b
Parents: 79a4e4a0e

Prevent important messages from being accidentally filtered.

01-Jan-2023 (Sunday) at 17:30:36 EST by Wohlstand
Commit 79a4e4a0e
Parents: 0d2381617

Updated the WOPN banks collection

01-Jan-2023 (Sunday) at 20:12:09 EST by Boondorl
Commit 0d2381617
Parents: 73159dac3

Added FlyBob Multiplier for Player

01-Jan-2023 (Sunday) at 19:35:44 EST by Boondorl
Commit 73159dac3
Parents: b61be581d

Added WaterClimbSpeed Property to Players

01-Jan-2023 (Sunday) at 22:51:37 EST by CandiceJoy
Commit b61be581d
Parents: 8bcdbc230

Fixed custom height and width not saving.

Signed-off-by: CandiceJoy

05-Dec-2022 (Monday) at 17:38:58 EST by Magnus Norddahl
Commit 8bcdbc230
Parents: 269431575

Adds soft shadows to vk_raytrace

26-Dec-2022 (Monday) at 16:17:32 EST by CandiceJoy
Commit 269431575
Parents: 6f8901ea8

Fixed implicit cast from bool to double.

23-Dec-2022 (Friday) at 12:22:13 EST by Marisa the Magician
Commit 6f8901ea8
Parents: b85add01c

Rename ValidLock to IsLockDefined (more descriptive).

23-Dec-2022 (Friday) at 10:36:59 EST by Marisa the Magician
Commit b85add01c
Parents: 6072260b3

Additional lock-related ZScript functions. * Key.ValidLock: returns whether a lock number is valid (can be unlocked) or belongs to a "does not work" door. * Key.GetMapColorForLock: returns the automap color for a lock number (or -1 if the lock isn't valid). * Key.GetMapColorForKey: likewise, but for a specific key.

23-Dec-2022 (Friday) at 09:29:31 EST by Ricardo Luís Vaz Silva
Commit 6072260b3
Parents: adfef56fd

Fix FxMultiAssignDecl type

22-Dec-2022 (Thursday) at 15:47:53 EST by Ricardo Luís Vaz Silva
Commit 4eb1f57a4 (TicRateChange)
Parents: 9376c4deb

ticrate fixes in zscript

22-Dec-2022 (Thursday) at 15:44:09 EST by Ricardo Luís Vaz Silva
Commit 9376c4deb
Parents: a90bc8295

ticrate fixes in native code

22-Dec-2022 (Thursday) at 15:45:16 EST by Rachael Alexanderson
Commit a90bc8295
Parents: adfef56fd

  • implement ability to change GameTicRate

21-Dec-2022 (Wednesday) at 11:04:41 EST by Rachael Alexanderson
Commit adfef56fd
Parents: c8fe07404

  • fix OpenGL ES selection on the windows startup dialog

20-Dec-2022 (Tuesday) at 08:44:20 EST by Ricardo Luís Vaz Silva
Commit c8fe07404
Parents: 7b9a36c8f

Multi-Assign Declarations

20-Dec-2022 (Tuesday) at 00:17:00 EST by CandiceJoy
Commit 7b9a36c8f
Parents: f816eb68a

Fixed the ACS PLAYERINFO_FVIEWBOB to be a bool instead of a double.

19-Dec-2022 (Monday) at 15:55:52 EST by Rachael Alexanderson
Commit f816eb68a
Parents: 7b864fd66

  • fix linedef index for heretic e2m7 fix

15-Dec-2022 (Thursday) at 03:00:09 EST by Magnus Norddahl
Commit 7b864fd66
Parents: e99bf2b03

Add vulkan pipeline cache

19-Dec-2022 (Monday) at 07:36:25 EST by Marisa the Magician
Commit e99bf2b03
Parents: 43880bbbe

Update and clean up UE1 model loader.

18-Dec-2022 (Sunday) at 19:19:36 EST by Ricardo Luís Vaz Silva
Commit 43880bbbe
Parents: 3ffbda552

Expose StripLeft and StripLeftRight to ZScript

18-Dec-2022 (Sunday) at 19:19:18 EST by Ricardo Luís Vaz Silva
Commit 3ffbda552
Parents: fb33a2940

Fix StripLeftRight

18-Dec-2022 (Sunday) at 13:43:54 EST by Ricardo Luís Vaz Silva
Commit fb33a2940
Parents: 941c0850b

Error out instead of crashing for vector out variables

18-Dec-2022 (Sunday) at 10:19:18 EST by Christoph Oelckers
Commit 941c0850b
Parents: 79a38f1f3

  • Backend update from Raze.

Mainly optimizations for the sound system and texture manager.

18-Dec-2022 (Sunday) at 09:21:42 EST by Christoph Oelckers

Merge branch 'master' of

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